Bauer Vapor X100 junior skates

The Bauer X100 skates feature tons of top end performance using the same Curv Composite and X-Rib pattern as the APX2 they provide great comfort and tight tapered fit to your foot. The three piece 52 ounce pro felt tongue significantly increases comfort and the HD metatarsal guard eliminates binding and lace bite. As well, Bauer Lightspeed Edge holder and steel sit 3 millimetres taller than the previous Lightspeed 2 and tighten the turning radius. A Hydra Max mesh liner on the inside wicks away moisture from your foot to keep you cool and dry while performing at you top level.

Bauer’s three skate collections – Vapour, Nexus and Supreme – offer a fit for every skater. The Nexus offers a wider fit while the Vapour offers a tapered fit and the Supreme a less tapered heel but has more room in the ankle area. To maximize performance, it is critical to achieve the best fit possible.

Bauer products are available at the Hockey Shop Source for Sports, 8 Carden St. Guelph.