Guelph Marlins – always striving for success

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When you start an activity as a kid, the intentions are often to learn, have fun and make some friends. But as you continue with the sport – as you learn and improve and compete – the question eventually comes up, “How far could this take me?”

In the case of many current and past Marlins, the answer to that question is “far.”

As you train and compete, you strive for new goals, new standards, and new standings. Marlins swimmers have always strived to be strong competitors in Canada and internationally. Currently, the Marlins have 16 swimmers who are ranked top five in Canada, ranging in ages from 10 to 23 (numbers are length in metres):

John Carroll 2nd in 200 fly and 200 individual medley (IM)

Erica Pate 4th in 400 IM and 5th in 800 freestyle stroke (FR)

Evan Von Moerkerke 2nd in 50 FR and 100 FR

Tess Way 3rd in 50 FR and 100 FR

Stephanie Papadedes 4th in 200 backstroke (BK) and 3rd in 100 IM

Emily Anzai 4th in 200 BK

Haylie Burton 4th in 100 IM

Genvieve Robertson 1st in 200 BR and 2nd in 100 BR

Leili Tilvaldyeva 3rd in 200 BR and 50 BR

Danielle D’Aoust 2nd in 100 fly

Emma Ball 1st in 50 FR

Abigail McDonald 5th in 200 BR

William Beckstead-Holman 2nd in 100 FR and 400 IM and 3rd in 50 FR

Marcus Beckstead-Holman 3rd in 100 FR

Russell Burton 2nd in 200 BR

Tristan Jankovics 2nd in 100 BK and 200 BK

These swimmers compete and continue to train in hopes that they will follow in the footsteps of teammates who have competed for Canada at international meets and others who have used swimming as a stepping stone into post-secondary careers.

At the last summer Olympics, the Marlins put one swimmer on the team to compete for Canada and Guelph. Andrew Ford traveled to London after years of training, starting in the program as a young child learning how to float. In 2013, Alisha Harricharan traveled to Kazan, Russia as a member of the Canadian team for the Summer Universiade. This year Genvieve Robertson was selected to be on Team Canada at the Junior Pan-Pacific’s meet in Australia.

Guelph Marlin alumni have also used the Marlins, paired with their academics, as a platform into post-secondary education. In recent years, the Marlins have seen over 10 swimmers successfully translate their Marlins training into university success:

Melody Bush Seaton Hall, BIG EAST Swimmer of the Month November 20th, 2013, Postseason BIG EAST Honor Recipient

Samantha Stratford University of Illinois, BIG TEN Freshman of the Week November 18th 2014

Erin Stamp University of British Columbia

Katherine Stamp University of British Columbia

Riley Konrad Laurentian University

Julia Ellis-Hale University of Calgary

Jacob Kukovica Western University

Amber Baird Western University

Jamie Bradshaw Wilfrid Laurier University

Micayley Cromwell McMaster University

The Marlins are also proud to support a strong program for our para-athletes. Swimming strives to be an inclusive sport, providing opportunities for athletes who may not be able to compete elsewhere. Alicia Denoon has traveled through North and South America as a representative for Canada. In 2011 she traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico for the Pan American Games and this year she hopes to represent the team on home soil in Toronto. Gabby Baird, who started swimming only three years ago, recently traveled to Edmonton, Alberta for her first CAN American Games and was identified by Swim Ontario for a development camp at the new Pan American pool in Scarborough.